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- More About the Wretched Etcher -

He wretches...He etches...He's the Wretched Etcher!
Know to many as "Woo"; Woo wretches, etches, breaths, eats, and poops just outside of Monroe Washington in the beautiful Northwest! He was born, weaned, and learned to etch in Reno, Nevada. For money, our wretched friend becomes the Wretched Web Designer and content developer. Woo one day hopes to have a booth at an art fair. He really needs to etch and print more. Less wretching and more etching!

Seriously though...
Thank you for visiting my web site and looking at my art. Feel free to send me a comment or question.
Most prints are for sale and if you were to buy one..."my heart would soar like a hawk!"

Thank You Again.
Woo - The Wretched Etcher
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The Wretch